A dog with his own credit card leaves the internet in turmoil


The internet can’t forget the fact that a dog in the 1990s was allegedly approved for its own Discover credit card.

The viral Reddit post sharing the details, titled ‘My dog ​​applied for and received his own credit card in 1996’, has been upvoted 32,000 times since it was shared on June 2. .”

According to Statista, the number of Discover cards used in the United States in 2014 fell from the previous year to 52 million. In 2013, there were 63.6 million cards in circulation.

A dog that would have had its own credit card is the delight of the Internet. Here, a Saint Bernard puppy lying in the grass.

The message featured an image of a gray Discover credit card in a person’s hand and the cardholder’s name displayed was “Rita Saint Bernard”. The dog had been a member since 1996 and the card was valid until 1999. Half of the card numbers were blacked out and Discover was spelled out in yellow and orange.

As her name suggests, Rita was a St. Bernard, and the Redditor even included a photo of her. In the comments, the owner provided more information about the situation.

For a few years I was able to use it at the vet and pet store until they found out they had given a dog a line of credit.

Original poster

“At the time, I sometimes used my dog’s name to fill out mailing list forms,” ​​the original poster (OP) revealed. “One day she received a credit card application and I sent it back as a joke, but I was surprised to find it in the mail a few weeks later. For a few years I was able to use it at the vet and the pet store until they found out they had extended a line of credit to a dog.”

The back of the card also said “Please see ID tag on collar” instead of including a signature. “It coincided with when PetSmart came on the scene and invited people to bring their dogs into the store,” the OP added. “And that’s where she would use it for a laugh.”

The Redditor couldn’t recall how the account was shut down, but they said no one was “upset” about the situation “because I only used it a few times and paid the bill promptly. “.

“I probably just called and closed the account when the dog died, and I moved [the] country,” the Redditor continued. “Knowing me I might have crumbled and never closed the account and just forgot about it until I found the map in an old book tonight .

But what kind of credit limit did Rita have? According to the OP, they were “pretty sure this card had a ridiculously low limit, like $250, definitely no more than $500.”

Turns out the Simpsons experts determined I did it a year before them.

Original poster

Some commenters pointed out that The Simpsons did an episode in which a dog also got his own credit card. “Turns out the Simpsons experts determined I did it a year before them,” the OP said. “It’s a pretty rare feat that I put on my CV.”

Editors’ reactions

Over 800 comments have poured in on Rita the Dog’s credit card, and a lot of people seem to appreciate the situation. Some people wondered how the OP could apply without a social security number, while another Redditor admitted he was “sad” that Discover “gave a dog his first credit card and rejected mine, Lol “.

A user mocked Rita’s name on the credit card. “The fact that his race was used as a surname, Lmao,” they said.

God knows you can’t build credit by burying bones in the yard.

Reddit Comment

Another user said her daughter received an Amex card when she was just 8 months old. “They sent her an application, and I filled it out 100% with her date of birth, job (baby), income ($0) and they approved it anyway,” the user wrote. .

Apparently, a user’s chat has already received its own credit card offers. “One of my cats was a book club member and got credit card offers in the early 2000s,” they added.

Other reviewers made jokes about the dog with a credit card. “Good for her,” one Redditor pointed out. “God knows you can’t build credit by burying bones in the yard.”

Another user felt that “most of Reddit” was not “alive” at the time. “But that’s the kind of shit we could do in the 90s,” they reasoned. “It was a wild, crazy time. The post-Cold War to pre-9/11 years were magical.”

Approving comments included things like “I hope she was careful with her spending”, “Looks like you used the shit out of it, Lol hope the limit was high”, and “Wow…very interesting. “

In case anyone is wondering how the financial crises of 2008 happened, here’s how.

Reddit Comment

Others commented on the Great Recession after seeing a dog’s post with his own credit card. “In case anyone is wondering how the financial crises of 2008 happened, here’s how,” weighed in on one Redditor.

Not everyone seemed to find the situation humorous. “No, she didn’t,” one Redditor insisted. “You have fraudulently acquired a credit card under a false name.”

Newsweek has reached out to Discover and Redditor @MakesCakesEatsMud for comment.

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