A scammer attempts to use a debit card belonging to a Texas woman to withdraw cash from a Murfreesboro bank


A woman who lives in El Paso, Texas called the Murfreesboro Police Department after being notified by Chase Bank of fraudulent activity on her account that allegedly took place in Rutherford County. The woman told the MPD that Chase Bank informed her that they had video footage of an unidentified subject entering their Memorial Boulevard branch to withdraw cash.

According to the victim, the Chase representative told him that the stranger had given the cashier a Texas driver’s license with his name and address on it. Then they showed the cashier a Chase Bank debit card, also matching the victim’s name. Then the culprit tried to withdraw money from the victims’ bank account. The financial institution determined that the identity card and debit card were fake and declined the transaction. According to the Murfreesboro police report, subject was unable to walk away with money.

The El Paso, Texas woman also filed a report with the El Paso Police Department. To date, authorities have been unable to determine who attended the Memorial Boulevard bank in Murfreesboro and have yet to name a suspect. No arrests were made and the victim doesn’t know how someone in Tennessee got their financial information?

Always beware of fraud and be sure to protect your bank account by reviewing your monthly statements. It’s also important to beware of unknown scammers who photograph your ID card or take a picture of your debit and credit cards.

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