Ahmedabad: credit card applicant falls prey to cyber crook and loses Rs 1.50 lakh


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Ahmedabad: In another shocking fraud incident, a 40-year-old man in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is said to have lost Rs 1.5 lakh to a cyber crook. The man approached the cops on Wednesday after being duped with the hefty sum.

The victim, identified as Sadiq Shaikh, who works for an automobile company in Khanpur, said the incident occurred when he approached the accused to ask for his credit card details as he had applied for a credit card at a private bank two months ago. . However, since he hadn’t received the card for a long time, he started to find the customer service number online and found one and called him.

Meanwhile, the fraudster on the other end introduced himself as a bank employee in Shaikh, according to the report published in the India time. The victim told the whole problem to the accused and the accused told her to download an application on his cell phone, which Shaikh agreed to. The accused had remote access to his phone and withdrew the amount, according to reports.

The accused even asked for his bank details and Shaikh followed his order and provided him with the details as he was unaware of his bad intentions.

Meanwhile, during the process, Shaikh realized that Rs 1.50 lakh had been deducted from his account and the accused disconnected the call and went into solitary confinement.

After realizing he had been duped, Shaikh approached cybercrime police to file a complaint. On Wednesday, a complaint for fraud and indictment under the Information Technology Act was filed against the unidentified accused by police in Shahpur.


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