ANZ moves online banking to Red Hat OpenShift


In October last year, the Australian and New Zealand Banking Corporation (ANZ) turned to Red Hat to help bring its proof of concept online banking to life.

The bank wanted to modernize its internet banking platform, which had reached the end of its life and required prolonged support for a few years. Switching to a Red Hat OpenShift platform, ANZ’s digital arm’s technical manager, Raghavendra Bhat, said the bank did not want to limit itself to a cloud-only solution.

ANZ has now migrated 30% of its traffic to the platform and within the first hour of going live, processed around A $ 2.9 billion in payments.

Speaking to media on Wednesday, Bhat said the bank expects around 80% of the traffic transition to the new platform to be completed by November, with a full transition by March. He said there had been no “cookie cutter” approach to how he lifted and moved the old system to the new one.

“Our main goal is to make sure they move from A to B transparently,” he said.

“The previous architecture was there for a very long time and we are now moving to a more microservices, cloud-native architecture with OpenShift and it’s the biggest configuration transition from the old to the new. “

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ANZ’s environment is a mix of cloud and on-premises technologies, but Bhat said the decision to go with OpenShift was to allow the bank to keep its options open for the future.

“We want to keep our options open for the long haul and Red Hat gives us the best architectural footprint in terms of on-premises native cloud application that can be highly containerized – a more microservices-based architecture aligned with the broader orientation of where.” we’re also going as an organization, ”he told ZDNet.

“It also gives us the flexibility to choose where the workload runs… if we decide to go from onsite to offsite… it gives us the right base capacity to start focusing on what that transition looks like. if we are looking to make this decision. “

Bhat said one of ANZ’s goals is to find the right balance between onsite and offsite.

“[By looking] on every occasion to make this trip as seamless as possible and to have something like Open Shift, which gives us the ability to containerize a lot of these things without necessarily having to worry about where that workload is going. performs… it’s something we want to do more to have so that flexibility is really the core, ”he said.

“The biggest opportunity for us now is that we have the right foundation to start leveraging a lot of capabilities and exporting them as APIs or features that can be used by other application channels in the world. within the bank and that gives us a lot more synergy from a customer point of view. “



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