Apple doesn’t accept your credit/debit card? Here’s how to make the payment


The change in direct debit rules by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has impacted many users, especially those who make recurring payments. One such user group is the Apple App Store, Apple ID users who require monthly automatic debit of a fixed amount to run the services smoothly. Previously, we used to add our credit or debit cards to the portal and it tended to charge the recurring amount every month when it was due, but the change caused it to drop.

Like Apple, Netflix, Google and other app users have complained about their credit or debit cards being rejected. The new direct debit rules were introduced last October by the RBI and since then people have been facing issues with recurring payments.

Apple no longer accepts Indian credit or debit cards for its subscription and ID. Your old payment method added to the Apple ID will not work for Direct Debit. Currently, Apple accepts netbanking, UPI, and Apple ID balances for a recurring amount.

Last year, Apple started accepting UPI payments for subscription and App Store, which has helped millions of people in India. You can now set the payment option to your UPI ID and link it to Apple. Each month, it will automatically deduct the recurring amount to continue the process.

In 2020, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) launched the UPI autopay feature for automatic debiting of recurring payments. Similarly, you can also make payments for your Netflix and Google recharges through the UPI ID.

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