Apple will stop accepting credit and debit card payments in India


Apple will soon stop accepting credit and debit cards for App Store purchases in India. It will offer other payment options. Apple has announced that users in India will no longer be able to pay for its services with credit or debit cards. In particular, this change will be effective from June 1st. The company has already removed credit and debit card payment options from its services in India. Apple has made the decision to comply with RBI guidelines.

The new RBI (Reserve Bank of India) regulations encompass card tokenization and storage. Apple has recently come under fire for breaking laws. As a reminder, the CWA recently charged the company with violating federal labor laws. Now, Apple will no longer accept card payments in India, citing new RBI guidelines. So you won’t be able to pay for Apple services with credit and debit cards from next month. However, you can still continue to use Apple services.

RBI guidelines force Apple to stop accepting cards in India

Now all you have to do is switch to different payment options. Apple service users in India can pay via UPI or net banking. To recap, RBI introduced new guidelines for online auto-debit transactions in 2019. However, the rules were not implicit until October 2021. The new RBI auto-debit regulations state that users must re-register their card from merchants for recurring payments. . In particular, this will only apply to payments made using credit, debit or prepaid cards. To register, you must perform two-factor authentication.

After registering for recurring payments, your bank will send an SMS with the status. Also, the bank will send a message 24 hours before processing any transaction of around INR 5,000. Users may have to approve the transaction by clicking a link in SMS. Thus, the transaction will be processed only after the approval of the users. However, if the transaction is less than INR 5,000, you will still have the option to cancel it before it is processed. Now, Apple will reject credit and debit card payments for its services in India from June 1.

What should you do?

Thus, you may lose your Apple subscription services if they do not have enough balance. However, Apple may give users more time to add new payment options. You must add UPI or Net Banking payment options to avoid stopping your subscriptions. Notably, Apple has removed credit and debit card options from its payment page.

Link UPI to Apple ID
So you can use UPI or net banking to pay for your Apple services. Here’s how you can link your UPI account to your Apple ID.

Go to your iPhone settings
Click on the Apple ID at the top
Now click on Payment and Shipping option
Click on Add payment method
Press UPI
Enter your UPI ID
Full verification

Also, you need to make sure you have a sufficient balance. Your subscription will only continue until you have enough funds in your Apple ID. The new RBI guidelines come at a time when iPhones are set to be banned in the UK.


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