B9 Launches Debit Card With 4% Cash Back Program To Fight Inflation


“We are in a time where we are facing some of the highest levels of inflation the United States has ever seen. Unfortunately, high inflation directly affects millions of hard-working people, like most members of B9,” said the founder and CEO of B9. Sergio Terentev. “B9’s cash back program will help B9 members recoup some of their hard-earned cash by providing cash back in categories such as gasoline which has seen its prices skyrocket.”

Unlimited Cashback Match! Customers who spend a minimum of $500 in certain categories will receive 2% cashback by the 7th of the following month. And early next year, B9 will match their total with an additional 2%.

those who spend $500 or more in certain categories will get 2% cashback by the 7th of the following month. Additionally, B9 will automatically match all cashback a B9 member has earned during the year – a dollar-for-dollar match.

The B9 cashback program is a revolutionary offer for its members and aligns with B9’s commitment to providing fair and beneficial banking products that were previously unavailable to its members.

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