Bank customers victims of unauthorized debit card purchases


PETALING JAYA: Maybank issued a statement to address customer concerns about unauthorized transactions on their debit cards.

In recent weeks, a number of Maybank customers have taken to social media to complain that their debit cards are riddled with unauthorized transactions.

However, the bank reiterated that the cases were due to unauthorized e-commerce transactions involving the use of the customer’s card details by a third party for online payment and “there are no security concerns. compromise regarding our credit / debit cards “.

He also urged customers who detect unusual transactions on their cards to immediately contact his customer service hotline at 1-300-88-6688 or the number on the back of their cards to file a complaint.

“A refund will be made if transactions are found to be unauthorized after investigation.

“As a preventive measure, the bank will normally cancel the affected card to avoid further transactions and the customer will receive a replacement card,” the spokesperson said.

A customer, who wanted to be identified as David, said he realized something was wrong after verifying his account and noticing several charges on the Google Play Store.

He said the amount totaled around RM70, adding that he could have missed the fee if it had not been for 19 consecutive transactions.

“I did not link my debit card to the App Store, as I mainly use it for small everyday purchases or to top up my e-wallet,” he said.

After notifying Maybank, his debit card was deactivated while the bank investigated the matter.

He said the bank official told him his account was not compromised, but that it was likely an issue involving his debit card.

Another customer, who only wanted to be known as Zaharah, was also shocked that his debit card was used to purchase apps from the Play Store.

“The point is, I never use my debit card for online transactions, I only use it for in-person payments. I don’t understand how anyone got my card details, ”she said.

She said the charges took place on October 18, but only noticed it on October 24 while using the bank’s bank account. MAE the app she had recently installed.

She also asked why no OTPs (one-time passwords) were sent for transactions.

“After banking with Maybank for 20 years, this is the first time I have had such a problem. I am seriously concerned about the safety of my money, ”she said.

When asked why some have not received OTPs, the Maybank spokesperson said that although locally incorporated online merchants are required by Bank Negara Malaysia to adopt a strong authentication method Like OTP, not all merchants located outside of Malaysia do this as part of their payment acceptance. procedure.

“To avoid card fraud when shopping online, customers should always ensure that the website they are shopping on is secure and trustworthy.

“Customers should also refrain from using public or open WiFi networks to make online purchases with their cards, as their card data could be compromised,” the person advised.

Several users on Twitter reported similar issues: Users @FitriiHakimi and @hilmieaminudin reported receiving multiple push notifications on their phones for a series of transactions on their debit cards.

Transactions ranged from RM1 to RM 4.49.

When asked if there are measures to alert customers to unusual transactions, the Maybank spokesperson said customers have the option of banning unsecured e-commerce transactions on their debit cards.

Despite the complaints, the bank said it had not seen an increase in the number of cases of card fraud.

He encouraged customers to protect their card details at all times and to report suspicious transactions immediately.

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