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Internet banking is one of Rwanda’s strategic initiatives to improve banking services and boost the cashless economy by 2024.

A 2020 Central Bank report shows that the goal has been to improve the quality of banking services by integrating Internet banking services into the FMIS-Financial Management Information System in 2020.

According to the report, the total volume of Internet banking transactions increased by 6% in 2019-2020, from 1,004 billion to 1,064 billion. This growth is mainly due to the measures put in place to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government’s agenda to achieve a cashless economy.

The Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR Atlas Mara) is one of the main contributors at this stage.

In this age of Covid-19 when people are very busy, wasting time in queues for bank customers is almost becoming a thing of the past. BPR’s online banking services are secure and a game-changer.

Jean Bosco Mugisha, a client of BPR Atlas Mara who for the past nine months has lived and worked in conditions determined by the global Covid-19 crisis, says the use of internet banking services was one new ways of doing business he had to learn.

With fully subscribed wired internet access and a laptop at home, Mugisha says Covid-19 has changed the way he manages his business and personal accounts remotely and through a secure digital banking system operated by his bank which is OPI Atlas Mara.

“With BPR’s state-of-the-art online banking platform, I can directly access my account without physically going to the bank,” Mugisha said.

For Mugisha, this means instantly transferring money to BPR accounts, from BPR to other bank accounts, placing standing orders, making bulk payments like wages, paying taxes, and requesting banking tools like check books, receipt books and payment orders – when required.

What do we need?

Open an account (savings or current) with BPR Atlas Mara – this can be done online https://bpr.rw/products/documents or by visiting the branch or BPR agent closest to your region of residence.

Once you have an active bank account with BPR, whether for Rwandan francs or any other foreign currency account, then you need to go to the nearest BPR branch to request an online banking application which is instantly approved.

Access an internet device (computer or smartphone) and connect to the BPR Atlas Mara website https://online.bpr.rw/mfmbs//ib/ and follow the directions.

Why use BPR online banking?

BPR online banking is like having access to the BPR branch at any time of the day and getting a range of services right from your gadget. You can view all the transactions of your bank accounts, such as account balance, transfer funds between the same accounts and other bank accounts.

Safety tips :

In the digital age where hackers also seek their prey online, BPR has made the online banking experience more secure: once logged into the online banking page, users are strongly advised to:

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