“Brian Windhorst, how dare Andrew Wiggins’ performance win a checkbook?” : NBA Twitter rages as ESPN senior writer makes outrageous claim about Warriors


NBA Twitter rages as senior ESPN writer makes outrageous claim and tries to take credit from Andrew Wiggins

Last night, the Golden State Warriors broke the trend and finally won an odd game in the 2022 NBA Finals. With the victory, they maximized their home court advantage and secured a 3-2 lead in the Finals. The Warriors dominated early on, but the Celtics came back strong in 3rd and pulled off a 22-point turnover.

However, the Warriors did not give up the fight and took the victory 104-94. Andrew Wiggins was huge last night. The former No. 1 pick scored 26 points and 13 rebounds to lead the team. With Stephen Curry in trouble last night, the Dubs needed someone to step in and Wiggins did.

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With this victory, the Warriors are only one victory away from winning their 4th title in 8 years. However, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst tried to take credit from the players and assign it to the owner’s checkbooks instead.

NBA Twitter rages over Windhorst statement, demands credit for Andrew Wiggins

Going to the NBA Finals is a big accomplishment in itself. Take your team on your back and lead it to victory? It’s something you wouldn’t forget in your lifetime. Andrew Wiggins did the same last night. However, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst tried to take credit away from Wigs and give it to the owners. He claimed it was the checkbook that brought about the victory. Here’s why he’s wrong. First, most of the big-money players on the Warriors’ roster are players they drafted on their own. The only top 8 paid player who was not drafted by the Dubs is Wiggins.

NBA Twitter also had some things to say about the same.

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It was an L take from Windhorst, and frankly one expects better from someone in his position.


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