Credit/debit card fraud on the rise, detection rate still low, Mumbai police say


The latest statistics revealed by the Mumbai Police said that out of the 2,883 cybercrime cases recorded last year, a big chunk constituting 1,075 cases was related to credit/debit card and online fraud. The online fraud detection rate, however, is barely 4%, having detected only 48 cases last year.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale said the cyber crooks are mainly based in Maharashtra, in states like Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar and Rajasthan. , which are densely populated. This makes the search for the accused even more difficult.

Of the 1,075 credit/debit card and online frauds, a number of victims are elderly people, considered easy and gullible targets. The latest type of online fraud that has come to the fore is KYC fraud which has seen many internet users being duped out of hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Talking about the low detection rate of cybercrime cases, Nagrale said, “Cybercrimes are faceless and the servers used in such crimes are mostly located outside India. Social media intermediaries are not responding within the timeframes and requesting mutual legal assistance treaty and letters rogatory procedures, which can take time,” the police chief said.

Cyber ​​experts advised to always exercise caution and never reveal their personal information to anyone through phone, message or email.

“Basic caution can help avoid a lot of trouble. Also beware of fraud and be smart to always alert local authorities before releasing details,” the experts said.

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Posted: Wednesday February 16th 2022, 10:06 PM IST


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