Debit card fraud: SBI shares 10 ATM security mantras


Debit card fraud: SBI shares 10 ATM security mantras


  • SBI periodically shares tips and actions to help clients avoid all kinds of fraud
  • Memorize your PIN. Avoid writing it on your ATM card or elsewhere
  • never share your OTP, PIN / debit card details with anyone

New Delhi: Debit card fraud is on the rise. From rigging ATMs with hidden cameras to cloning cards, fraudsters use different traps to steal their hard-earned money from people. India’s largest public sector bank, State Bank of India, has shared 10 ATM security mantras to help people avoid such frauds.

This isn’t the first time SBI has had this sort of thing. The lender periodically shares tips and steps to help customers avoid all kinds of credit card, debit card, net banking fraud.

In a recent tweet, SBI said: “There have been reports of use cases of cloned #ATMCards in Delhi. There appears to be a possible compromise at an ATM at another bank. Affected SBI customers are being helped and Refunds will be processed according to procedure. All suspicious transactions should be reported to the host branch. “

Here are the 10 ATM security mantras shared by SBI:

  1. Change your PIN code at regular intervals
  2. Cover ATM / POS keypad when entering PIN code
  3. Memorize your PIN. Avoid writing it on your ATM card or elsewhere
  4. Avoid using birthdays and anniversary dates as a PIN code
  5. Make sure to register / update your mobile phone number in your account to receive debit card SMS and other account transactions.
  6. Never share your OTP debit card PIN / details with anyone
  7. Do not respond to any text, email or call asking you to share your ATM PIN code or any other confidential data
  8. No more than one person at a time is allowed inside ATM kiosks
  9. Protect yourself against theft of your PIN behind your shoulder
  10. Always use YONO cash to withdraw money from ATMs. It allows you to withdraw money using a debit card. It is safe and secure.

SBI advice

“We urge all of our clients to keep their bank details confidential. SBI will never call or email you to share such information. Stay alert, safe banking,” SBI said in a previous tweet.

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