Debit / credit card stuck at an ATM? Don’t worry, here’s what to do!


As India enters the digital age, debit and credit card transactions are on the rise.

ATMs are one of those inventions that fit perfectly into our lives. Can you imagine a world without ATMs? We don’t want to because it makes your financial life easy, mobile, convenient, and time-saving. But they are not free from flaws. There will come a time when ATMs will become redundant, as will the VCR. As technology advances, online transfers, electronic wallets and card dispensers at merchants make withdrawing money less necessary.

There are generally two types of ATMs.

➔ One allows you to simply swipe your card into the slot and continue with the transaction.

➔ The other has a slot where you insert your card. The ATM swallows it and only then can you make transactions. After the transaction, he will distribute your card. With these ATMs, you run the risk of your card getting stuck inside.

Why did my card get blocked?

ATMs gobble up your card and hold onto it for a number of reasons.

● Connection error

● Customer delay in entering information

● Incorrect information entered several times

● Power fluctuations

● Technical problems

● Bad weather

If you are in the middle of a transaction and it starts to sink, the ATM could crash and cause it to hold your card. Basically, if the ATM detects something that could be fraudulent or that puts you at risk for fraud, it will swallow your card to protect you.

What should I do?

Well, most of us panic in these situations. If you were in dire need of money, you won’t get it at an ATM. The best thing you can do is make peace with the situation and try the following.

● Cancel the transaction by pressing the Cancel button and wait.

● Make sure your transaction has been canceled.

● If the card still does not return, call your bank immediately.

● Report the incident by specifying the name of the bank, the time and the location.

● If you were using an ATM from the same bank as the card, the bank may be able to collect the card and have it delivered to you.

● For ATMs from other banks, they will block the card and issue you a new one. Most banks do this for free. Rarely will a bank charge you for a new card.

Most people prefer to block the card to avoid fraud. A new card would take 7-14 business days. A new credit card will come with a new number and a new PIN, but all functionality will remain the same. You can check the status of your credit card through the bank’s customer service or online to find out how fast your card will reach you.

Tips on how to get by without having a debit / credit card in your wallet

As India enters the digital age, debit and credit card transactions have increased. The importance of having these cards gained momentum after the implementation of demonetization by the Modi government. Debit cards and credit cards provide a lot of convenience for customers and merchants. Those with cards may find it difficult to do without them, even if this is only temporary. But there are ways to survive until a new one arrives.

● If you urgently need a card, go to your bank and ask for a new one. Many banks will issue a replacement card. Don’t forget to bring your ID with you. The bank is not allowed to issue you a card without verifying your identity.

● A quick way to get money is to write a check in your name and cash it at your bank.

● If you don’t have a checkbook, go to your bank, fill out a withdrawal slip and cash it the old-fashioned way. It might take a little longer, but you would get your money’s worth.

● If you are not in town or if you are in urgent need of money, a quick and easy solution would be to transfer your money via online or mobile banking to another account and withdraw it with this debit card . But that might not be possible with a few banks like ICICI requiring grid numbers that they provide on the back of your card to authenticate your online transaction. If you have this information stored in your mind or safely somewhere, then you are good to go.

● If you don’t have another bank account, you can transfer the money to a trusted friend and ask them to withdraw it for you.

● Or you can borrow money from a friend or family member until your new card arrives.

● And finally, you could go hunting around your house to find any money you may have been hiding. Don’t forget to check the pockets of your jeans!

Remember that the most important thing to do when you have a problem with your card is to immediately call the bank and let them know through customer service. The bank will take care of the situation immediately by blocking the card so that no fraudulent activity can be carried out by someone else. This will prevent you from losing money on your savings account or on your credit card. Always keep your bank’s customer service number, otherwise, you can always find it on Google, on your checkbook, or in the welcome kit.

Now you know what to do in case your card gets blocked, so there’s no need to panic. Contact your bank and your issue should be resolved in no time.

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