Down Detector flags online banking and credit card issues in Halifax


Customers in Halifax reported problems with credit cards and internet banking this morning.

Halifax customers had problems accessing their accounts this morning.

According to tech-monitoring website Down Detector, problem reports started to spike shortly before 6am today (September 15).

Problems with Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland have also been reported.

The top issues for Halifax users, as reported on Down Detector, are mobile banking (43%), online banking (33%) and credit cards (24%).

Halifax released a statement via Twitter saying, “We are aware that some of our customers are currently having issues accessing credit card details. We are sorry for this and are working to get it back to normal soon.

Customers report credit card issues in Halifax

There are growing fears the UK is heading for another recession (Pic: Getty Images)

Customers in Halifax have taken to social media to report issues when trying to use their credit cards today.

Callum said: “Hi, I just tried to make a purchase and my card was declined, so it’s not working as normally as you suggest? Log in to the app and the credit limit is displayed like N/A?”

Daniel encountered similar issues, saying, “I tried to make a purchase and it didn’t work. I also logged into my mobile app and cannot see my credit card balance. I would say it’s pretty good. »

Also having trouble with shopping, Faith said, “I’m trying to make a purchase online and it’s not working!”

In response to some of the complaints, Halifax spokesperson John said: “Hello, my name is John. We know that some of our customers have problems with credit cards. We’re sorry about that and we’re working to get it back to normal soon. Rest assured that you will be able to shop normally.

If you also have problems, you can contact Halifax Customer Servicesalthough the website warns that wait times for telephone banking are longer than usual at the moment.


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