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Bank of Kigali customers can now register themselves on the bank’s Internet Banking platform through a transparent online process. The development, officials of the bank said, is aimed at providing its customers with quality service.

The move also comes weeks after the bank showcased its improved internet banking platform that offers additional features and benefits to its customers. The new platform, designed entirely in-house, delivers a superior banking experience for retail and business customers and comes with enhanced security features.

“In line with Bank of Kigali’s commitment to continuously improve the customer experience, we have introduced an online application form for customers who are not yet registered on our recently upgraded online banking platform. They can now apply via https://bk.rw/online-services/apply-for-internet-banking from the comfort of their home or office without having to visit our branches, ”said Audrey Kazera, Marketing Manager at Bank of Kigali.

She pointed out that retail customers and businesses can apply online using a computer or mobile smartphone. Once the request is submitted, it is reviewed by bank staff to ensure the information provided matches bank records before login credentials are sent to the customer’s email.

Besides the new development, Kazera explained the new features that have been added to the upgraded Internet Banking platform.

“The new platform brought other functionality, including the ability for clients to purchase foreign currencies and process bulk payments, while providing corporate clients with the ability to execute flexible and complex mandates. “

“In addition, the security of all the services that customers perform on the Internet Banking platform has been enhanced thanks to TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password). In the near future, customers will be able to make international transfers, Kazera commented.

Reports indicate that customers who self-integrate through the web or mobile app will most likely use these channels in the future to complete transactions or request assistance.

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