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The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the banking industry to embrace a digitally driven mindset on a global scale. With consumers forced to use online banking alternatives, as part of efforts to mitigate the spread of the pandemic, the use of such solutions has increased dramatically.

This, among other reasons, has prompted Bank of Kigali to launch a new and improved internet banking platform that offers additional features and benefits to its customers. Officials described development as one part of the lender’s digitization journey.

New times’ journalist Edwin Ashimwe spoke with Obinna J. Ukwuani, Chief Digital Officer at Bank of Kigali, to cover information on the new platform, the ongoing migration process, as well as other future digital perspectives at Bank of Kigali.


How would you explain the difference between the changes to the new and the old Internet Banking platform?

Our enhanced Internet banking services have been built entirely in-house at Bank of Kigali and provide a superior banking experience to our retail and corporate clients with the ability to quickly resolve customer complaints or add more functionality to Requirement.

The new platforms have an intuitively designed interface that provides a better customer experience, the ability to perform new transactions such as buying foreign currencies and processing bulk payments, it offers enhanced security features such as time-based one-time password (TOTP) and our corporate clients have the ability to perform flexible and complex mandates. Customers will be able to make international money transfers in the near future.

Customers can also continue to process transactions such as bill / utility payments, money and wallet transfers, bank statements and more.

Briefly tell us why BK clients should be encouraged to adopt the new platform.

The current pandemic gives a better response. With the current situation, it is important that people keep their distance. Digital platforms such as our enhanced Internet banking services provide convenience and security. Our customers don’t have to leave the comfort of their home or office to access banking services. In addition to this, our improved Internet Banking platform offers more features that will fill the gaps identified in the old platform and those identified in the market.

What advances are supporting this growth?

Nothing happens overnight, I believe the government is taking a lot of good steps.

For example, my team at BK recently complied with the Central Bank’s RIPPS upgrade, a payment processing system designed to make local interbank payments more efficient and reliable. What people want is convenience, something they can trust that is fast. At Bank of Kigali, we work tirelessly to provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers, hence the recent upgrade to our Internet Banking platform.

How can customers integrate the new platform?

Our current and new Internet Banking users should visit the nearest Bank of Kigali branch or call our 24/7 call center for help on-boarding. In addition to this, corporate clients can also contact their existing Relationship Managers for assistance.

Customers active on the old BK Internet Banking platform can try to use their current login credentials for the new Internet banking and when they need help they can contact us through our accessible call center at 4455.

We invite all of our existing Internet Banking users to register before July 31, 2021 and our dedicated teams are available to facilitate a rapid onboarding process.

What’s the next big development Rwandans should expect from BK’s digitization journey?

We are working day and night to improve services. There comes a day when there will be almost no reason for a customer to go to a branch with customers dealing with all of their banking needs online. Such improvements are on the roadmap and we are only laying the groundwork.

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