Holder of a debit card? Never do this – What happens after entering wrong ATM PIN code 3 times in a row


Have you ever had a place where you stood in front of your ATM trying to withdraw money, but couldn’t complete transactions? One of the main reasons may be that you forgot your debit card PIN, which is vital information for making cash withdrawals from ATMs. It doesn’t matter if you’ve entered the wrong PIN twice at the ATM, but the real problem comes when your attempt fails three times. As per RBI guidelines, only three attempts are made to provide the debit card PIN to an ATM when withdrawing cash. If your attempts are exceeded, your card will be automatically blocked. RBI asks customers not to write their PIN code on the card, share it with anyone, or let anyone see your PIN code during transactions and not to keep a simple PIN code involving your date of birth, your age, etc. it is difficult for the majority of debit card holders to remember their passwords, however, it is a measure to stay secure from fraud.

Therefore, it is possible that you entered your debit card PIN incorrectly three times at your ATM, which blocked you.

To your knowledge, almost all banks like SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, PNB, BoB, Union Bank and many other private and public banks have different facilities to retrieve your ATM PIN code.

If your card is blocked after three attempts at an ATM, some banks will temporarily block it. This temporary blocking can be for a maximum of 24 hours. For example, if your ATM PIN code has been blocked at 12 noon today, then you will be able to complete a successful transaction after 12 noon tomorrow. This too, only if you can remember the pin code of your debit card accurately.

If you still can’t remember your debit card PIN, go to your bank’s home or a nearby branch.

Meanwhile, while some banks like private banks offer on-call ATM card unlocking service, which means you can contact customer service and unlock your card. Online banking services are also offered, such as i-banking, e-banking or even mobile applications. To perform this method, you need to log into your online banking account and look for the option that says forget pin code or unblock ATM links. If there is no online bank account, contact your bank customer service.

The rules for obtaining a new ATM PIN code vary from bank to bank. Some regenerate a new debit card PIN almost immediately after your visit, or some mail it out after a few days depending on their terms and conditions.

Other banks simply ask you to block your debit card and request a new one. Meanwhile, some banks ask for a handwritten note to give you a new card or PIN.

The PIN code is the digital password which is sent separately / given to the customer by the bank when the card is issued. Most banks require customers to change the PIN code on first use. The customer must not divulge his PIN code to anyone, including bank officials. Customers should change the PIN code at regular intervals.

Recently, banks have asked customers to convert their old debit cards with EMV Chip & PIN before December 2018. One of the reasons your debit card is not working may also be due to a new rule. Therefore, visit the nearby branch for the replacement.

An ATM offers you common services such as – Account information; Cash deposit; Regular payment of invoices; Purchase of top-up vouchers for mobiles; Generation of mini / short instructions; PIN code change and checkbook request.

But no automatic teller machine will allow you to unlock your debit card from their machine, thus memorizing your PIN code. Why? Because if you forgot the pin code when you need money urgently, you don’t have to do anything, then follow the tedious method mentioned above.

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