How do I register and activate postal Internet banking services?



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The small savings banks of the post office can replace you if you are looking to make better use of the balance of your savings account or your term deposits. Several postal deposits, such as term deposits, NSC, PPF, and KVP, currently offer a better interest rate than other secure investments, such as bank term deposits. And, what’s more, the Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) account also provides online banking service which not only helps you transfer funds, but you can also initiate contributions from your convenience. As mobile banking has already started at post offices, Internet banking at post offices has many features that can help you get on top of your banking needs. The following are required as a prerequisite for using Post Department Internet Banking (DOP) services:

  • PAN number
  • Cell number
  • Email id
  • KYC documents (if not yet authenticated)
  • Single active account or Joint savings account B
How do I register and activate postal Internet banking services?

E-banking activation request form

You can visit India Post website to download “ATM / Internet / Mobile / SMS Card Banking Service Request Form” or get it by accessing To download the postal e-banking activation request form or the Internet Banking form.

Registration procedure for online banking at the post office

To access the Internet banking services of the Post, you must go to the nearest post office once with the Internet Banking form from the post office completed and attached with all the necessary and required documents in order to submit it. Once the post office’s Internet Banking is activated, you will receive a confirmation or success message on your registered mobile number by SMS.

Procedure for activating the post office’s online banking

Once you have registered for Post Online Banking, you will receive a successful message on your cell phone number, as we saw in the paragraph above. To go further to activate your account, you must visit then click on ‘Activation of a new user‘.
You will need to enter the Client ID here, which is the CIF ID that is specified on the first page of your booklet. And your savings account number is the Account ID.

You may be required to submit a “passphrase”, which is an additional option for authentication. This confirms that you are connecting to the actual Internet Banking DOP URL. Throughout the activation of your account, it should be the same as the one you set up. Do not continue and report the post office if there is a discrepancy. You will also need to configure your transaction ID and password, as well as security questions. Covering all of this, your post office internet banking will be enabled and you will also receive a success message on your registered email id and mobile phone number.

How do I register and activate postal Internet banking services?

Deposits and transfer of funds

You can transfer funds from one POSB to another once the account is activated. In addition, you can deposit money into your PPF account or the Post’s recurring deposit (RD) account without going through your postal agency. You can even do the same through online banking if you want to invest in term or term deposits and also close them at your convenience. As a post office Internet banking user, you can also select a “check rejection” request or schedule payments. You can also withdraw funds from your PPF account with regard to the qualifying amount. And even you can deposit money into the PPF account or the post office’s recurring deposit (RD) account once the account is activated or activated successfully.

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