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SBI online: The bank provides its customers with several facilities via its internet banking portal

The State Bank of India (SBI) allows its customers to customize its SMS alert service through online banking. In other words, subscribers to SBI’s online banking service can turn on / off and choose from different types of alerts through the bank’s SMS alert service, according to a video tutorial shared by the bank on its website. . Among other options, SBI customers can activate or deactivate SMS alerts that inform the subscriber of the occurrence of various events, such as purchasing by debit card, issuing a checkbook and depositing money on the account, according to the bank. Through its SMS alert system, SBI provides its clients with updates on the different types of transactions carried out on the account.

How to use online banking (through to change SMS alert settings

SBI has listed the steps for using its online banking service to enable / disable or change the settings for SMS alerts.:

In order to activate or deactivate SMS alerts, the account holder must log into SBI’s online banking portal,, and click on “SMS alerts” after clicking on “e-Services”, according to the bank. .

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(The user can find “SMS alerts” in the “e-Services” section)

After this step, the user is directed to the “Subscribe / update SMS alerts” page. On this page, the user must provide an entry by selecting the bank account.

If the user has only one account with SBI, this is automatically selected, otherwise the customer must select the account for which the status of the SMS service must be changed.

User can choose from different SMS alert services such as check stop request and debit card purchase.

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(The user can activate or deactivate a service by selecting “yes” or “no”)

The user can enable or disable a particular service by selecting “yes” or “no” from the drop-down menu given against the name of the service, according to SBI.

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(User can set different limits to receive SMS alerts when depositing money into bank account)

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