How to Add a Credit or Debit Card to Paytm


Here is the process for adding a debit card or credit card to Paytm.

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Paytm is a digital payment platform that allows people to transfer money to anyone instantly using UPI and the Paytm Wallet. Paytm is owned by One97 Communications. You can digitally transfer money instantly to anyone at no cost using the Paytm Wallet.

You can use different types of cards on Paytm, such as Visa, Master card, Rupay, Amex and Diners to make payments. Also, you can add money to your Paytm wallet. When you add a credit or debit card on the Paytm app, you do not need to enter your card details such as card number and card expiration date each time you make a payment. payment.

Although you have to enter the CVV every time you make a payment on the Paytm app. Check here the step by step guide to add a debit or credit card to your Paytm account.


Step 1: Open Paytm on your phone and tap your profile picture in the top left corner.

2nd step: Next, scroll down and tap on the “UPI and payment settings” option.

Step 3: Next, tap on the “Saved Maps” option.

Step 4: Now tap on the “Add New Card” option.

REMARK: Rs. 1 will be deducted from your new card for authentication. The Rs debited. 1 will be refunded to your credit/debit card within the next 48 hours.

Step 5: Press “Continue”.

Step 6: Enter your card details. Check the option “Save this card for future payments”.

Step 7: Tap the payment option of Rs. 2 from your new credit/debit card.

REMARK: Once payment has been made and your details have been verified, your new card will be successfully added to your Paytm account

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