How to Register for IOB Online Banking: Know the Steps Here


Follow these simple steps to sign up for the IOB online banking services mentioned below.

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Internet banking has updated traditional banking systems by making it easier to use online money transaction processes. From transferring funds to different bank accounts to paying shopping bills online, it is now possible to do a lot of things just by using the internet. Indian Overseas Bank also offers Internet banking services to its customers. If you are an IOB customer and want to register with IOB Internet Banking to enjoy the benefits of online banking, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

How to register with IOB online banking

Follow these simple steps to register for IOB Internet Banking mentioned below.

Steps for IOB Online Banking Registration

Step 1: You must first login to

2nd step: If you are an individual or a business owner, you must click on Register Individual. Otherwise, you must click Register Company.

Step 3: Once registered, you must submit the application forms to the Account Holder branch.

Step 4: An active e-mail ID is required to open Internet banking services.

Step 5: You must write down the PIN code which must be used for all money transfer transactions. You are kindly requested not to share this PIN code with anyone.

Step 6: Your account will be activated by the agency upon receipt of the request.

Login process for IOB online banking

Step 1: Now you need to log in with your password.

2nd step: Please note here that passwords are case sensitive (for example, b is different from B).

Step 3: You should also remember that your login password and transaction PIN are different when the password is used to login and the PIN is used to transfer funds.

Step 4: Be careful when entering your passwords. You should note that your online account may be blocked for entering consecutive wrong passwords.

Following these simple steps will help you register for IOB online banking.

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