ICICI Bank Internet Banking, Mobile App Services Down, Users Smokes on Twitter; Know more


Several ICICI Bank customers have been complaining since Thursday afternoon, March 25, that the bank’s servers are down and they cannot conduct internet banking transactions. ICICI Bank’s online banking services are currently down, with many users taking to social media to complain about issues they are facing while accessing the ICICI Bank mobile app and the lender’s website. . Some of them even raised questions regarding transactions.

The problem persisted even for ICICI Direct customers, who reported facing losses due to technical issues.

“Dear Customer, http://ICICIdirect.com is down at the moment. We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible and will update you here. We deeply regret any inconvenience caused,” said ICICI Direct in a Twitter message after his handles were inundated with complaints.

“@ICICI_Direct I only trade Intraday on margin against stocks. Your server has been blocked since 1pm and couldn’t get out of my positions. Now at least don’t charge me margin interest for this overnight position” , said a customer.

@SEBI_India Icici direct trading website is down during trading hours today. This happens almost 1-2 times a month. What action SEBI is taking against them. Investors looking for a clear answer from SEBI,” another customer wrote on Twitter.

“ICICI Netbanking (Personal and Corporate) has been down for 2 hours,” another user said, tagging the bank’s handle as well as Reserve Bank of India.

“The Icici app as well as the web link for banking services is not responding… As of 2:37 PM TODAY,” one user added.

“The servers have been down for some time. The website and app are not opening at this time,” an ICICI Bank official who wished to remain anonymous told MoneyControl.

This is the second time in six months that ICICI Bank’s internet banking and mobile apps have faced a technical problem. On September 28 last year, users complained about similar issues.

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