ICICI Bank Savings Account – Tips for Internet Banking Customers


If you have a savings bank account with ICICI Bank (icicibank.com) and use the web for transactions, money transfers or credit card payments, ICICI Bank has some safe banking tips for you. protect against online fraud and phishing websites where your Internet Banking User ID and Password are stolen:

· Never use unprotected PCs in Internet cafes for Internet banking.

· Never store your PIN and cards together.

· Never leave the PC unattended when using Internet banking services in a public place.

· Never respond to emails asking for your password or PIN.

· Visit banks’ websites by typing the URL in the address bar.

· Check the displayed domain name to avoid fake websites before using Internet Banking.

· Log out and close your browser when you are finished using Internet banking.

· Never let a stranger help you at the ATM to protect your bank card PIN.

· Count the money and put it in your wallet before leaving the ATM.

· Check your monthly credit card and bank statements for any unusual activity.

· Always draw a line through the unused space on the check.

· Never leave your checkbook unattended.

· Never sign blank cheques.

· Don’t forget to cross your check if necessary.

· Count the number of check sheets each time you receive a new check book.

ICICI Bank also sends these “Safe Banking” tips to its customers via their monthly and quarterly account and credit card statements. In addition, customers who regularly use Internet Banking can see these tips on ICICI Bank’s homepage.


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