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For the first time in Sri Lanka, debit card users now have access to credit limits for shopping online and offline. Through Alibaba’s latest Daraz venture; ‘Koko‘The latest mobile app-based payment platform allows customers to “Buy Now, Pay Later” in 3 interest-free installments.

These 3 payments can be spread over 60 days via a Debit card. Unlike more traditional payment systems, Koko does not hold the full value of a buyer’s debit card purchase. It’s the best way to shop your way without worrying about breaking the bank. Not only is it convenient and hassle-free, but it also allows users to better manage their finances in these unprecedented times.

Koko is user-friendly and anyone can get started easily by simply downloading the app to their mobile phone and registering. Approximately one minute after downloading, you will receive the spending limit approvals. Debit card users will be entitled to an average of Rs.15,000 for shopping online or in store. After downloading, customers would then be taken to the purchase tab from where they can browse all available merchants. Before shopping, customers should make sure that they tap My Koko section of the app and link their debit card. In order to increase the spending limit, customers are encouraged to download their network card, most recent pay slips, and utility bill. Through these Koko will perform a smooth credit check on each new customer, making sure they are able to pay later.

With an ever-growing customer base of over 100,000 active users, Koko is the perfect shopping partner for anyone looking for a more inclusive experience through flexible payment methods.

With more than 500 merchants and new partner brands, Koko Proudly boasts some of the highest levels of usage as one of the pioneering payment platforms of its kind in Sri Lanka. Koko has a range of industries on board ranging from electronics, fashion, fitness, lifestyle and more. Customers can easily buy from their favorite brands by simply choosing to pay with Koko when paying online or via Facebook or Instagram messaging. Koko can also be easily used for in-store purchases at partner outlets, which only requires customers to scan the QR code. The first installment is deducted at the time of purchase and the rest can be paid over 2 months. Customers can view their purchase history and current contributions in the purchases section of the app. In any case where you cannot pay on time, rescheduling and late payment charges can be arranged through the app.

Truly revolutionizing the overall shopping experience in Sri Lanka, Koko’s journey has only just begun. As Christmas approaches, consumers should expect Koko’s Christmas ! With great discounts and up to 30% off select items, a range of great deals await you this season. Get your vacation spirit in and discover the art of giving while spending at your convenience. Unlock endless possibilities when you “Buy Now, Pay Later” with Koko.

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