Internet banking fraud alert! What is Vishing? How do fraudsters work? Check out THESE tips to PROTECT your money


Vishing is an attempt by a fraudster to take confidential information from you during a phone call. Details such as user ID, login and transaction password, OTP (one-time password), URN (unique registration number), card PIN code, Grid card values, CVV or any other personal parameter such as date of birth, mother’s maiden name.

Most of the time, scammers pretend to represent banks and try to trick customers into providing their personal and financial information over the phone. This information will then be used to carry out fraudulent activity on your account without your authorization, resulting in financial loss.

The fraudster calls the customer and claims to call from the Bank, he will ask for the user ID, the transaction ID and password, the OTP (unique password), the URN (number of ‘one-time registration), card PIN, grid card values, CVV, or any other personal parameter such as date of birth, mother’s maiden name.

Tips to protect yourself

Your bank would be aware of some of your personal data. Beware of any caller who seems to ignore basic personal details like first and last name (although it is not safe to rely solely on this as a sign that the call is legitimate). If you receive such a call, report it to your bank.

Do not call or leave any personal or account information on a telephone system to which you are directed by a telephone message or from a telephone number provided in a telephone message, e-mail or text, in especially if it concerns possible security issues with your credit card or bank account.

When a phone number is given, you must first call the phone number on the back of your credit card or on your bank statement to verify if the given number is owned by the bank.

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If you receive an SMS or a call asking for personal or credit / debit card information, please do not provide that information

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