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To avoid late payment charges on your Newcastle Permanent credit card, you may wish to set up automatic payment through Internet Banking from another account.

When it is set up, you will be able to designate:

  1. The minimum payment required as shown on your statement (including any overdue amounts);
  2. The total outstanding balance on the credit card at the last billing (since the statement was generated); or
  3. A fixed payment*

* This option is not available for the Newcastle Permanent Business+ credit card.

If you have designated a fixed payment amount and the statement balance on your credit card is less than the amount, only the outstanding balance will be transferred. If the statement balance is greater than the fixed payment amount you designated, the minimum monthly payment (plus any outstanding total) will be transferred. All automatic payments set up by Internet Banking will be processed monthly on the payment due date.

New automatic payments set up in Internet Banking for a Newcastle Permanent credit card will only be effective for all future statements generated; a new configuration will be applicable for a current statement.

Contact us at 13 19 87 for more information regarding automatic payments on credit card accounts.


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