New Delhi: Bank of Baroda launches Internet Banking Hindi service


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New Delhi, September 1: Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office, New Delhi organized a seminar on “Official Language Development with Technology” for senior managers in the New Delhi area. Anshuli Arya (IAS), Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Official Language Department, was the main guest of the organized seminar and the program was chaired by Amit Tuli, General Manager and Area Manager, New Delhi Zone .

The seminar began with a word of welcome by Amit Tuli. After the welcome address, the bank’s Hindi internet banking service was launched by keynote guest Anshuli Arya (IAS), Indian Government Secretary, Official Language Department. Apart from this, the bank’s Annual Official Languages ​​Action Plan 2022-23 was also released by the Secretary during the program.

On this occasion, Sanjay Singh, Head (Official Language and Parliamentary Committee) made a detailed presentation on the official languages ​​initiatives taken by the Bank. Subsequently, the Secretary, in her speech on the “Role of Senior Management in the Implementation of Official Languages”, appreciated the Bank’s presentation. While mentioning the innovation “Bhashayi Chaupal” and the assessment and provision of ratings for the outstanding achievement of the annual implementation, the innovative measures taken by the bank constitute a milestone achievement.

In this program, Amit Tuli in his presidential address urged to embrace Hindi wholeheartedly and overcome the temptation of English. The technical session was led by Rajesh Srivastava, Deputy Director, Official Language Department and Pankaj Kumar Verma, Chief Director (Rajbhasha), New Delhi Zone. The program was coordinated by Puneet Kumar Mishra, Deputy Director General, Official Languages ​​Department, Head Office. The seminar brought together more than 100 people including heads of departments of the New Delhi area, regional and regional deputy heads and executives posted as heads of antennas in various antennas of the area.


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