QIIB launches virtual debit and credit cards through mobile and internet banking


QIIB launched virtual debit and credit cards through “QIIB Mobile and Internet Banking” to promote digital transformation, a cashless society while keeping pace with the future of digital payments around the world.

Eligible customers can now request to issue their virtual cards via QIIB Mobile and Internet Banking directly without the need to print the card. Customers can use their virtual cards at “Point of Sale” contactless terminals, for online purchases or to add them to digital wallets such as “Google Pay” and “Apple Pay”.
The virtual card has all the features of the traditional card serial number, expiration date and CVV, with the added benefit that the customer can get all their card details through QIIB Mobile and Internet Banking.
All customers can apply for their virtual debit or credit card through QIIB Mobile and Internet Banking by following the simple steps. The customer can immediately activate and use their new virtual additional debit or credit card. Additionally, a customer can simply request a new virtual credit card which, once approved, will be issued and can be used like all other virtual cards.
The new QIIB virtual cards benefit from many features, including high levels of security in all transactions, in addition to simple and fast issuance and direct use without the need to visit a QIIB branch. The cards are accepted in all payment transactions, both locally and internationally, and can be added to digital wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Commenting on the launch of the new cards, Omar Abdulaziz al-Meer, Head of Business Development and Alternative Channels at QIIB, said: “We are excited to keep pace with global digital development and add an innovative new service that serves as added value to our valued customers and acts as another step in our digital transformation journey. We are also delighted to be the first bank in the State of Qatar to issue a digital debit card.”
He said: “The new virtual cards are an important tool to enable a customer to make contactless and secure online payments. The launch marks a key milestone in the development and improvement of QIIB Mobile and Internet Banking”.
Al-Meer noted, “QIIB was committed to making the process of any virtual card as seamless and effortless as possible while complying with global banking and security standards. The customer can not only issue a virtual card immediately without the need to visit a QIIB branch, but can also control the virtual card directly in QIIB Mobile and Internet Banking at any time”.
He emphasized, “QIIB will continue to strive to provide best-in-class products and services to our valued customers and we will continue to make progress in our digital transformation strategy to ensure that we always provide the most advanced solutions. to our customers. ”.


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