“RBS requires me to have a contactless debit card”


I am a customer of Drummonds, which is part of RBS, and recently requested that the new debit card I was to receive not be contactless.

I am wary of these cards because on a few occasions the money was saved even before the sales clerk passed me the card reader to enter my pin code which is how I planned to pay these little ones purchases.

I received no response to my letter to the bank.

In due course the new debit card arrived, but it was another contactless card. I wrote again to request a contactless card.

To date, I have not received a response nor the requested debit card and the new PIN code.

My son, who tried to help me, learned that contactless cards were being phased out. Could you tell me ?

JH, Somerset

The bank accepts that you wrote to them recently about this, although they can only find letters from you on it dated 2015.

If a contactless card is swiped for small transactions (£ 30 or less), no PIN is usually required.

Occasionally, a pin request may be made, with such a check perhaps based on the value of the transactions that have been made or the number, depending on the card you have.


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