RuPay Select | Central Bank of India launches ‘RuPay Select’ contactless debit card: discover the features


Central Bank of India launches ‘RuPay Select’ contactless debit card: discover the features

New Delhi: The Central Bank of India, in association with the National Payments Corporation of India, today launched a unique variant of the contactless debit card – “RuPay Select” on the occasion of the Founding Day of the Bank. This innovative offering from the bank in the form of RuPay Debit Select Card will focus on the lifestyle, fitness, rejuvenation, nutrition and personal care of customers.

Central Bank RuPay Select debit card holders will be able to enjoy free membership and preferential access to golf courses, gymnasiums, spas and restaurants. In addition, they would be entitled to reduced health checks with this National Debit Card with Common Mobility (NCMC). These cards also come with features such as facilitating offline transactions in both transits as well as retail purchases.

Pallav Mohapatra, Managing Director and CEO of the Central Bank of India, said: “The central bank is launching two public utility products on the occasion of the 110th day of the founding of the Bank. The first product is RUPAY SELECT DEBIT CARD, launched in association with NPCI. This premium card specially designed for a selected category with well-being as a key element. “

“Customers with the Select card will enjoy perks such as free health checks, gym, golf, spa and lounge access at selected centers in addition to accidental coverage of Rs.10 lakh at no additional cost to customers. FASTAG is another product launched in association with OSTA. Customers using our FASTAG will not lose any interest by transferring funds to the FASTAG account, instead the customer will cross the toll with Indian Central Bank FASTAG depending on the recharge amount blocked on his savings account and the account will be debited the day after the transaction unlike other players having such a product where the funds are transferred to a wallet by debiting the customer’s account ” , Mohapatra added.

Dilip Asbe, Managing Director and CEO of NPCI, said: “We are pleased to partner with the Central Bank to offer the exclusive RuPay Select debit card to customers. RuPay Select debit cards reflect the lifestyle of customers – from free lounge access, cash back rewards to exclusive concierge services, they provide a rewarding experience for users. This card is an advancement by NPCI to ensure that customers enjoy an exclusive and superior “selected” experience with a secure and hassle-free contactless payment option. The RuPay Debit Select card also adds a new dimension to our RuPay portfolio and we believe it would act as a catalyst for change for customers to follow the path to better well-being ”.

The “RuPay Select” contactless debit card was launched by the bank on the occasion of Bank’s Foundation Day. The bank has also launched another customer utility product – FASTAG in association with OSTA. With this customer using FASTAG, he will not lose any interest by transferring the funds to the FASTAG account, instead, the customer will go through the toll with the Central Bank of India FASTAG according to the top up amount blocked in their account. savings and the account will be debited on the next day of the transaction.


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