SCUF Gaming is the latest company to disclose your credit card number


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It seems like every day there is a hack or a leak that causes the personal data to be leaked. Sometimes it’s just a name or phone number, but in the last hack involving SCUF Gaming, people’s credit card information was stolen.

Basically, the SCUF website was attacked by a web skimmer, which allowed malicious individuals to extract the personal information of people who made credit card purchases through the SCUF Gaming online store. Malicious actors gain access to a compromised online store, which allows them to harvest and steal information from customers.

With this February 3 attack, hackers used the credentials of a third-party vendor to gain unauthorized access to the SCUF Gaming backend, which allowed it to place the skimmer and obtain the information it needed. wished. In this case, these were credit card numbers, cardholder’s name, email address, billing address, expiration date, and CVV.

On February 18, SCUF was alerted by its payment processors to unusual activity, and the payment skimmer was found and removed on March 16. This means that only purchases made between February 3 and March 16 are at risk. Additionally, SCUF said PayPal transactions were not compromised.

In total, SCUF Gaming told the Maine attorney general’s office that 32,645 people were affected, according to BleepingComputer.

SCUF started sending emails to people whose data was compromised by the attack, so you should have received an email if you were a victim of it. The company also sent emails in May warning of a possible attack.

Even if you haven’t made a purchase within the time frame mentioned above, you should be careful and monitor the card you have used to make sure that there are no unauthorized transactions.

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