Seven’s Dirty Checkbook Journalism Week


But won’t it be a hit night for Seven if it airs Sunday night? Corby unmasked, as we’ve never seen her, followed by the second installment of Gittany, the woman who still loves him and the family whose sorrows you won’t see on any other channel.

Rachelle Louise: paid to be the <i>Sunday night</i>.

Rachelle Louise: paid to be sure Sunday night.

A brutal calculation underlies Seven’s dirty little business. These stories will be the only show in town. They will crush Nine and Ten in the leaderboards. Advertisers will be rewarding Seven and her shareholders for the trust they have placed in checkbook journalism, if not this week, possibly – as long as they can keep the exclusives supply chain running.

Of course, we have laws designed to prevent criminals from profiting from the proceeds of their crimes, as Corby learned with her book and may well rediscover it if she ever dares to bring her loot home under her own name. It is suspected that the beneficiaries of Seven’s check will be some members of her family.

Joan Harnum with a doll believed to be that of his murdered daughter in court for the decision.Credit:Pierre Rae

And the Gypsy? Will the money paid to Rachelle Louise help fund her planned appeal? Even if Gittany never sees a dime of that money, why would his girlfriend – or anyone for that matter – profit from his crime?

In court on Tuesday, Judge Lucy McCallum dismissed Gittany’s plea for a lighter sentence on the grounds that he had suffered intense media attention. On the contrary, said the judge, Gittany had embraced the media. He had done nothing to dissuade Louise from appearing on national television or joining protests in court.

Murdered: Lisa Harnum.

Murdered: Lisa Harnum.

She became talent and Seven recognized her monetary value. It was nothing like the $ 500,000 she asked Seven and Nine, according to a TV source. In any case, Louise did not show up to attend Gittany’s conviction. It would have been a shame to overexpose it before Big Sunday, after all.

Hopefully, Seven’s story respects the one person she couldn’t pay for her story: Lisa Harnum.

Mike Willesee is online to interview Schapelle Corby after the Seven Network reportedly paid $ 2 million for an exclusive.

Mike Willesee is online to interview Schapelle Corby after the Seven Network reportedly paid $ 2 million for an exclusive.Credit:Justin mcmanus

As Justice McCallum said: “Mrs. Harnum must have been in a state of utter terror in the moments before her death.”

In those moments of terror, she could hardly have admitted the horrible thought that people would soon be able to take advantage of what was to come to her.

Response from Sunday night executive producer Mark Llewellyn


“All of the numbers released this week are wrong by a huge margin. Fairfax rushed in with fabricated sums and a suspicious and selfish high hock. We stand by our story which was fair and accurate contrary to this report.”

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