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Chennai: In mid-2022, people entering a metro station could simply use their debit or credit card to board a train. Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) will soon launch account-based ticketing, where commuters can use their own credit or debit cards at Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates at the concourse level. The ticket price will be deducted from the card.
In an account-based ticket office, an official said, commuters must tap their debit or credit card on the reader at the AFC door for it to open. At the end of the trip, they have to tap again to exit the station. The machine installed in the AFC gate calculates the distance traveled by the passenger and the fare is deducted.
Commuters will not, however, receive a paper ticket. “It will be a banking transaction operating through the Internet,” an official said.
CMRL officials said they were in talks with payment processors. “We could launch account-based ticketing in three to five months,” the manager said.
CMRL has already started installing readers compatible with the common national mobility card, which should be launched in all metro stations in February.
“We want to move from closed-loop maps to open-loop maps and phase out tokens. Thus, commuters will have the choice between account-based ticketing, NCMC cards and QR code ticketing,” an official said. Like a debit card, NCMC cards can be used for shopping and other public transportation services that have compatible readers.
Currently, most passengers prefer to buy tokens because they don’t want their money locked in a smart card. But buying tokens means queuing at the counter or spending time at ATMs.

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