Suspected checkbook thief denied bail


There were moving scenes in court as a mother of three reacted to her pre-trial detention for theft and fraud on the eve of one of her children’s birthday.

“They tricked me! Tania Borg shouted, crying bitterly as she was arrested after being denied bail. Borg could be heard telling the officers that it was the day before one of his children’s birthday.

Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras has learned that an arrest warrant for Borg, a housekeeper, was issued after investigations into the theft of a checkbook in San Gwann and that a bad check then led the police at his door. The check would have been for the purchase of a bracelet for € 4,400.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges of theft, fraud and forgery. She was also charged with violating three previous bail orders and reoffending.

Borg was already out on bail for fraud.

Her lawyer, Kevin Dingli, requested bail, saying she had fully cooperated with the police. The lawyer claimed that the woman he represented pro bono, has been the victim of wear and tear. His victims, aged 62 and 75, had forgiven him, he said.

The prosecution, Inspector Andy Rotin and Inspector Matthew Grech opposed the bail, noting that the woman had several cases pending against her. In addition, they argued, the victims were elderly and vulnerable.

The court, after hearing the arguments of the parties on the request for release on bail, ordered the remand in custody of the woman.

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