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Unfortunately, the country remains plagued by various scams involving fake phone calls and text messages, and even internet banking fraud; however, nothing substantial has yet been observed from the authorities concerned to prevent embezzlement.

The prevalent variety of mobile and internet scams have cost many people huge financial losses, and in particular, naive people easily fall prey to fraudulent activity.

Even most people don’t know how to avoid being scammed and go to the appropriate forum to register the complaint.

In recent times, criminals have found multiple ways to deceive people, whether they are texting people from different numbers or calling people under the guise of a bank or cell company representative for breaking into them. confidential bank account information. , etc.

Even the criminals also try to deceive people by sending them messages that they have won a large amount of money or valuables like laptops and cellphones etc. and ask them to call. specified numbers.

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The following messages are, in general, sent to individuals for the purpose of fraud;

“ARY Jeeto Pakistan K Show me apke est (number ………) ki qurandazi hone by ap 2 lakh check, 3 tola gold, 1 laptop win kar chuky han, est Whatsapp (number …………… ..) by contact me . “

“Benazir sy ap ko income support program Rs 30,500 moubarak hon. For information, is (number …… ..) by Karen call.

“Mah e Ramzan’s main offer is (number …………) sy 8038 by sms kia tha, apko 1 bike, Rs 500,000 check mubarak ho, ap is Whatsapp (number …………) by rabta karin.”

(Insaaf Imdad Program main ap ne (number …………….) Sy 8171 by SMS kiya tha. Ap ki Rs 12,000 imdad manzoor ho ai hai. Ap est (number ………….) By call Karen.

Although people have from time to time been warned about fraudulent phone calls and text messages and urged to remain vigilant through the following warning messages;

“Dear Customer, Never call back unknown numbers, including those indicated in the SMS to activate debit cards, credit cards, accounts and digital channels. If necessary, always call your bank’s helpline to obtain or seek clarification regarding your bank account or any banking service.

“Dear customer, the bank (name withheld) will never ask for your secure banking information (username or password) or ask you to log into your account from an email link. Be careful in this regard. “

However, tackling illicit activities will not be enough until the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Wing and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) take concrete steps to address the issue.

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