Unchain Fund Launches Charity Crypto Debit Card for Ukraine


Global cryptocurrency charity Unchain Fund has launched a new digital charity debit card to support vulnerable war victims in Ukraine.

The virtual card, called Unchain Help Card, is a digital debit card that will help distribute desperately needed funds directly to the most vulnerable victims of the conflict – women and children.

According to reports, Unchain Fund is an international crypto-native charity that collects and coordinates funding for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Its mandate includes migration support, means of communication, medicine, cybersecurity tools, protective equipment, food and more.

Issued in partnership with Ukrainian cryptocurrency card startup Solder silver next to Unex Bank, the card can be used for everyday payments and cash withdrawals. Those eligible for support will receive an allowance of 25 euros per person per week.

Unchain Fund is backed by and is currently accepting donations across fourteen blockchains – NEAR, Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Celo, Harmony, Polygon, Avalanche, Gnosis, Polkadot, IoTeX, Terra, Bitcoin and Moonbeam in different cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency donations offered to help Ukrainian refugees

The charity card initiative became a reality thanks to the generosity of international donations that poured in to help Ukrainians at the mercy of the conflict.

According to reports, approximately $7.5 million received in crypto donations from around the world have already been given to relief efforts for distribution.

However, the number of applications currently exceeds the capacity of the fund, and the organization is calling on cryptocurrency holders to continue donating so it can expand the reach and reach of its virtual charity card initiative. To date, the fund has already received more than 12,000 card applications.

Unchain Fund’s Crypto Debit Card Prioritizes Single Moms and Young Children

Credit aid will be given priority to single mothers with newborn babies, Ukrainian women with at least one child under the age of six and those living in areas where intense fighting is taking place.

Applicants will be required to undergo a verification process through Unchain’s chatbotby providing either their temporary ID from the Ukrainian e-government system Diaa, or a proof of identity and his tax code, as well as the birth certificate of his children.

The digital MasterCard will then be issued automatically and available for immediate use via Google Pay and Apple Pay, or via the Unex Bank app. In a statement released by Unchain Fund, the details also state that singles will be able to receive support up to four times, with transfers made automatically.

Unleash the Crypto Debit Card to Bridge the War-Poverty Gap

Speaking about the new card and its intended use, Alexey Meretsky, co-founder of Unchain Fund, explained: “Our charity card bridges the gap between the virtual world of cryptocurrencies and the worn and torn reality in which Ukrainians now live daily, providing immediate assistance for everyone’s immediate needs. We humbly ask the crypto community to continue donating, so we can continue to help.

Rev Miller, co-founder of Unchain Fund, said cryptocurrency is becoming the new form of charity. “As we continue to fund charities providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians, we wanted to find a way to cut out the middleman and bring money directly to the most vulnerable victims of war – mothers and their children. .”

Unchain plans to continue funding Ukrainian war victims

To date, Unchain Fund has already allocated over $4 million of the funds raised to date to organizations, volunteers and direct helpers, including the Mariupol volunteer team “I support Ukraine”, l Ohmadyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv and others.

The charity selects recipients of donations based on its 10 principles and allocates funds through a multi-signature process in cryptocurrency and fiat. To ensure transparency, details of the allocation of funds are available on the Unleash the Fund website, and the organization is audited by the world’s leading accounting network Global Crowe.
The charity is run by a community of over 3,000 individual contributors and active volunteers in Ukraine and around the world, and manages donation wallets on multiple protocols, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Harmony, Avalanche, NEAR, Celo and Polkadot.


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