UPI predated credit and debit card transactions.

UPI predated credit and debit card transactions..!

The Indus Valley Report 2022 is a report on technologies in India and their evolution after Corona. The report is published by Bloom Ventures. It contains lots of important information about money transfer, employment and internet usage in India. As a result, UPI transactions accounted for 43% of PLATFORM’ target=”_blank” title=”digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are just a click away, CLICK NOW”> digital transactions in India over the past year . This is much higher than last year’s credit and debit card transactions. According to the report, an additional 50% of Indians continue to pay for their transactions.
Similarly, the average usage of internet services in India is 18.4 GB per month, which is higher than the average monthly internet usage in China. It has also been revealed that many people in India have earned a good income through freelancing. The report also revealed that 70% of e-commerce in India took place on Amazon and flipkart in the past year.By 2021, India will have raised US$35 billion. This is the number of funds raised by the United Kingdom. As well as a third of the funds raised by China.

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Stocks of companies such as zomato, PolicyBazaar and paid fell on the stock market. Financial services companies lent up to 6% of their lending services, according to the report.


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