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Come next year and you can use a debit or credit card to travel on the Delhi Metro. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation plans to upgrade the current Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) software and database on the existing network, to be in line with the new system that will be used in future stations of phase IV. A DMRC official said the new system would see improvement of AFC gates across the network, with the primary goal of promoting greater digitization of services, outside of cashless transactions. The metro company is not only upgrading AFC software, but also “firmware” that would help commuters use any bank’s credit or debit cards as smart cards. Currently, metro systems in cities like Kochi and Nagpur have the option, but these only apply to cards issued by a particular bank. The DMRC system will however accept transactions from all banks via the Rupay card issued by them. The autonomous Airport Express line will benefit first from this system, followed by the other corridors. The new system would also help create more “fare zones” in the network, which would help determine the fare to be deducted from the smart card after a trip, based on distance traveled. In the new system, “penalty deductions” would also be possible through smart cards. Currently, a commuter has to pay an increased value on exit if they travel further than their ticket value, or if they stay longer at the station, or if there is no ticket. DMRC will also integrate “point-of-sale” terminals with customer service ATMs at the old Phase I and Phase II stations. The upgrade of the AFC system to the existing network is expected to start soon and could take a year and a half. DMRC is also renovating old AFC machines to reduce cases of snagging. The redesign exercise includes the replacement and addition of approximately 600 AFC machines, which will cover approximately 40 Phase I and II metro stations and approximately 30 Phase III stations. There are currently around 2,700 AFC doors throughout the metro network.

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